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Integrated Uranium Production Cycle Review (IUPCR) mission

Integrated Uranium Production Cycle Review (IUPCR) missions are designed to assist countries in the development of infrastructure for national uranium production programmes, through all phases of the uranium production cycle. These reviews enable countries to identify areas that require more focus or additional resources or to confirm their readiness to advance to the next phase in the uranium production cycle.

Four milestones are identified through the phases of development of national infrastructure for the uranium production cycle: (i) uranium exploration, (ii) mine and processing facility engineering, construction, and commissioning, (iii) mine and processing facility operation, and (iv) site decommissioning and remediation.

IUPCR missions provide an independent expert review on several aspects of the four milestones by a team of international experts convened by the IAEA. The review is based on the IAEA safety standards, technical guidance, and international good practices. The missions also enable the representatives of requesting IAEA member countries to have in-depth discussions with international experts about experiences and best practices in legal, regulatory and operational aspects specific to the uranium production cycle.

Interested countries may request an IUPCR mission through official channels, addressing their request to the Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy of the IAEA.

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