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Safety improvements found after follow-up INSARR missions (2010-2020)

Follow-up INSARR missions showed that considerable safety improvements were achieved in the areas mentioned above based on implementation, or significant progress in the implementation, of about 90% of the INSARR recommendations.

The findings from INSARR missions also indicate continued safety enhancements in several areas, including:

  • Completeness and effectiveness of training and qualification programmes of reactor operating personnel;
  • Effective use of operational and maintenance procedures;
  • Consideration of ageing of reactor’s structures, systems and components and minimization of radioactive waste generation in design and operation of new experimental devices and modification projects;
  • Adequate and improved planning and implementation of maintenance and in-service inspection programme;
  • Progressing in establishing an effective ageing management programme;
  • Improvement of radiological classification and work-place monitoring programme;
  • Initiation and implementation of periodic safety reviews.

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