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NEW CRP: Enhancing Security in Transport of Nuclear and other Radioactive Material (J02009)

New Coordinated Research Project

Hazard communication for Class 7 Dangerous Goods on ISO freight container. (Photo: O. Laban-Mattei/AFP)

Transport is a critical component in the supply and use of nuclear and other radioactive material for beneficial uses. Ensuring the security of these materials during transport is a critical element in keeping them secure throughout their lifecycle. Current approaches to transport security for normal commercial shipments of radioactive material and Category III and below nuclear material are largely human-based (observation, communication, etc.), with security technologies contributing to some degree. Emerging technologies have the potential to significantly strengthen current transport security approaches.

Opportunities to strengthen transport security include building on technologies that are being increasingly adopted in other areas of freight security: vehicle tracking, communications and anti-theft technologies are being applied in ever widening ways to vehicles and conveyances of all types. Challenges include developing technologies that can function in harsh operating environments (shock, vibration, heat, cold, humidity, etc.), areas where normally widespread services are not available (mobile phone coverage), and the fact that many technologies are evolving at an extremely rapid pace (rapid obsolescence).

CRP Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the CRP is to identify, research and develop technologies and their applications that can be used to strengthen the security of nuclear and radioactive material during transport.

Specific Research Objectives:

  • Identify security systems applicable to transport of nuclear and other radioactive material.
  • Support implementation of security technologies that can be used to strengthen security during transport, including technologies that can be integrated into effective overall security systems.
  • Support development and improvement of package tracking technologies to increase performance and reduce costs.
  • Support development and improvement of conveyance tracking, mobile sensors and integrated transport security systems.
  • Support adoption of improved vehicle security capabilities.
  • Provide analysis of transport security experience in other sectors to identify vulnerabilities, trends and solutions that can be applied to nuclear and other radioactive material shipments.

How to join the CRP?

Please submit your Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement by 31 March 2018 directly to the IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section, using the form templates on the CRA web site (preferably via email). For further information related to this CRP, potential applicants could contact Michael Shannon and David Ladsous, Technical Officers, Security of Material and Facilities Section, Division of Nuclear Security, IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.

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