Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Section

This Section supports Member States with information and provides best practices for the strategic, organizational, managerial and technological aspects of decommissioning of nuclear facilities and environmental remediation of contaminated sites. Complementing related IAEA programmes, the Section works to enhance Member States' capabilities in the areas of decommissioning and environmental remediation. The Section also promotes consideration of the end of life of nuclear power plants and other facilities early in their planning stages.


The Section supports Member States by providing advice and benchmarking on decommissioning strategies and plans, implementation of decommissioning projects and the release of materials, structures and sites from regulatory control. This includes assessing and helping to minimize radioactive waste that requires dedicated long term management.

Environmental Remediation

The Section shares with Member States information on available remediation strategies and technologies, as well as management options, and helps them adopt appropriate practices to resolve existing environmental challenges and avoid that new contaminated sites are created.

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