Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

Vol. 57-1

April 2016

This issue of the IAEA Bulletin highlights good practices in decommissioning and environmental remediation around the world. 

Decommissioning and remediation: enhancing safety of the public and the environment

Decommissioning and environmental remediation: an overview

Tying up loose ends: Spain’s successful decommissioning project

Behind the scenes: Q&A with a decommissioner

Cleaning up a toxic legacy: environmental remediation of former uranium production sites in Central Asia

From uranium mine to fishing lake: environmental remediation in France’s Limousin region

IAEA missions review decommissioning activities at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

From planning to decommissioning: life of a nuclear power plant

No small fry: decommissioning research reactors

Promoting understanding, enhancing safety: IAEA services for decommissioning and environmental remediation

New technologies in decommissioning and remediation

Decommissioning of nuclear facilities: Germany’s experience

Current trends in decommissioning and environmental remediation of nuclear facilities

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