The Division provides support in the field of nuclear economics and energy system planning, sustainable development issues related to the environment, information management and information dissemination, and nuclear knowledge management.

  • Planning and Economic Studies Section

    The Section strengthens Member States' capacities to use energy and nuclear power planning to elaborate sustainable energy strategies and conduct studies for electricity supply and energy system options, energy investment planning and energy environment policy formulation. Read more →

  • Nuclear Information Section

    The primary mission of the Nuclear Information Section is to enable access to credible, multilingual information on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The Section strengthens Member States’ nuclear information capacities through the collection, management, dissemination and preservation of nuclear information and provides information management services and training activities.Read more →

  • IAEA

    Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

    Nuclear technology requires a high level of technical expertise and experience that must be developed and kept available for current and future generations. The Section assists Member States and the international community in retaining and transferring this knowledge.  Read more →


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