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IAEA Library

The IAEA maintains a library that carries a variety of high-quality print and audio-visual resources on nuclear energy and nuclear applications. It also offers access to many databases and electronic journals and coordinates the International Nuclear Library Network, a consortium of nuclear libraries.

The IAEA library provides up-to-date, high-quality, trusted information to IAEA staff, members of the Agency’s Member States’ permanent missions in Vienna, and registered IAEA meeting participants. It also gives support to government organizations, nuclear research institutes and laboratories and their affiliated researchers, as well as nuclear information centres and libraries in IAEA Member States.

The library offers expert research and personalized information services, desktop and remote access to electronic information, and a consolidated collection of information resources. Specialized in the collection, preservation and dissemination of nuclear information, it promotes information awareness and knowledge management in the area of nuclear energy and its applications.

The library can be visited by staff of government organizations, nuclear research institutes and laboratories, nuclear information centres and libraries in Agency Member States, or affiliated researchers.

International Nuclear Library Network

To promote information exchange, cooperation, resource sharing and learning among nuclear information centres worldwide, the IAEA library coordinates the work of the International Nuclear Library Network. This network is a forum of nuclear libraries through which participating institutions can share resources, know-how and best practices. The number of nuclear libraries participating in the network is steadily increasing, helping it maximize resource usage and leverage, share knowledge and deliver lasting value to its members.

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