Planning and Economic Studies Section

The Section strengthens Member States' capacities to use energy and nuclear power planning to elaborate sustainable energy strategies and conduct studies for electricity supply and energy system options, energy investment planning and energy environment policy formulation.

The Section assists Member States capacity building, through training, technical assistance and information exchange in energy systems analysis and planning to identify the role of different technologies, including nuclear, in meeting their future energy needs. This includes elaborating sustainable energy strategies and conducting studies for energy system and electricity sector development and management, energy investment planning and energy environment policy formulation.

Using Energy, Economic and Environmental (3E) Analysis, the Section also assists Member States' understanding of nuclear technology's compatibility with national sustainable development objectives and its possible contributions to socio-economic development, climate protection and energy security.

The Section conducts analysis of nuclear technologies, along with both fossil and renewable energy technologies, focusing on competitive energy markets, environmental impacts and sustainable energy development. It also maintains information references of energy and economic data for IAEA Member States, as well as the world's nuclear power generating capacity projections through 2050. 

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The Clean Energy Transition

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