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Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control (TWG-NPPIC)


The Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control (TWG-NPPIC) is a group of experts from IAEA Member States, nominated by their Governments and appointed by the IAEA Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy.  These experts provide advice to the IAEA and support the programme implementation in the area of instrumentation and control (I&C) and human-system interface (HSI) technologies in nuclear power plants. The TWG identifies and promotes activities that would assist I&C experts at nuclear utilities, licensing authorities, vendors, technical support and research organizations.


The following technical areas are within the Scope of the TWG-NPPIC:

  • Nuclear I&C specification and design issues
  • Implementation, installation, and commissioning of l&C systems
  • Ageing, obsolescence and modernization of l&C systems
  • Human-system interface, including control room design
  • Safety classification and qualification of I&C systems and components
  • Verification and validation of l&C systems
  • Security of digital I&C and computer systems
  • Use of regulatory guidance, codes, and standards
  • Reliability and dependability assessment of hardware and software components
  • Common-cause failures of digital l&C systems
  • Instrumentation for normal and accident conditions, including severe accidents
  • Performance monitoring and optimization of processes, l&C and protection systems
  • Surveillance, diagnostics, and prognostic techniques and systems
  • Computer technology for operator support systems
  • New nuclear I&C technologies ( e.g. wireless communication, field programmable gate arrays)
  • l&C technologies for new reactors ( e.g. small modular reactors and generation IV reactors)
  • Digital signal processing techniques and systems
  • Electrical power supplies
  • l&C aspects of engineering simulators, including severe accident conditions
  • Issues of maintenance and repair of I&C systems and components


The functions of the TWG are the following:

a) To provide advice to DDG-NE on specific topics of relevance to the IAEA's programmatic activities;

b) To share information and knowledge on national and international programmes;

c) To contribute to the development and/or review of selected IAEA publications, in particular from the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series, assess existing gaps and advise

on the preparation of new publications ore-learning materials;

d) Upon request, to present to the Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE) the key findings of the TWG meeting; and

e) To share experience and advice on increasing the participation of young professionals and improving the gender balance in the nuclear sector.


Members of the TWG-NPPIC shall be appointed by the Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy following consultation with the respective national authorities or organizations.

Term Duration

4 years, 2021-2024

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