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Governing New Nuclear Programmes: Newcomer Success Stories

The experience of countries that embark on or expand the use of nuclear power as part of their energy mix provides the overall nuclear community with important lessons. Those include new approaches for coordinating the overall programme; developing competent institutions; establishing a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework; setting up policies and strategies from the early phases of the programme, and many others.

The support provided by the IAEA to such countries is also in many ways innovative. The Milestones Approach and the “Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Service”, or INIR, were created and deployed, and a new approach of integrated and coordinated Agency support, the so-called IWP, or Integrated Workplans, was developed to match Members States expectations.

This webinar series is intended to present several success stories in terms of nuclear infrastructure development, how they benefited from the Agency support, and the approaches adopted by some of the key organizations to respond to the project needs.

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