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Nuclear Supply Chain Webinar Series

An important challenge for ensuring the safety, reliability and efficiency of operating and construction of nuclear power plants (NPP) is the competence of its personnel and its supply chain. A large number of contractors and manufacturer and service supplier companies are necessary for the success. This means that nuclear power not only directly contributes to the economy but also indirectly via its supply chain.

The nuclear supply chain has experienced changes with many traditional suppliers leaving the market and new nuclear Member States emerging with their supply chains. This has led to challenges both in construction and operation of NPPs. There have been project delays and even temporary shutdowns of NPPs due to detection of counterfeit items, obsolescence of original technology and increased reliance on digital equipment. Another issue in some Member States is the lack of original equipment suppliers - and in some others the will to set up a new localised supply chain. Recently, even COVID-19 has brought new challenges to the mobility of contractors.

This webinar series highlights the global view on the world's nuclear supply chain, presents challenges and avenues for the future and takes stock of the recent IAEA work in the area.

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