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Introducing Repurposing Strategies for Retired Fossil-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Power Plants Webinar Series

Economic Aspects of Repurposing Coal-Powered Plants to Nuclear Power Plants

This webinar will discuss economic considerations around the potential for repurposing retired or operating coal-fired power plants with nuclear power plants to support to climate change mitigation. It will provide an opportunity to highlight current case studies in this area, including potential economic benefits, identified challenges and possible solutions.

Repurposing Sites of Retired Fossil Plants with Advanced Nuclear Reactors for the Clean Energy Transition

This webinar is seeking to address the opportunity for nuclear power plants to transform carbon producing power sites to clean energy, while illustrating some case studies to serve for reflection on how retiring fossil power plants could be replaced by advanced nuclear power plants and their respective economic benefits, challenges and approaches adopted by key organisations to respond to project needs.

Webinar on Reimagining Energy Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities in Repurposing Coal-Fired Power with Advanced Nuclear Reactors

This webinar will discuss siting considerations, including regulatory aspects, for repurposing coal-fired power plants with nuclear power plants. It will provide an opportunity to highlight some of the recent developments, published reports, and related assessments in this area, including potential benefits, challenges, and possible solutions.

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