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Webinar on the Economic Aspects of Repurposing Coal-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Power Plants

Introducing Repurposing Strategies for Retired Fossil-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Power Plants Webinar Series

Date and Time

Wednesday, 5 April 2023
13.30 to 15.00
Central European Time (UCT+02:00)

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Several countries are considering or planning the construction of nuclear power plants at or near sites of coal-fired fuel power plants due to the potential benefits of re-using the existing infrastructure, such as the grid connection and heat sinks, as well as the workforce. In addition, a growing interest in use of nuclear power to mitigate climate change has also motivated countries to consider repurposing or repowering currently operating coal-fired power plants with nuclear power plants, which could provide potential costs savings while also generating low carbon electricity and process heat.

Due to these expected benefits, many companies that are developing advanced reactors, such as small modular reactors and sodium cooled fast reactors, are discussing, or already executing the possibility of repurposing retired or operating coal-fired power plants with nuclear power plants in several Member States. However, the economic aspect of the repurposing strategies will be dependent on the degree to which the components and infrastructure from the existing coal plants can be reused or repurposed. In addition, issues related to safety, emergency preparedness and responses, radioactive waste management, and others, must be addressed in order for this transition to take place.


Aline des Cloizeaux, IAEA
Henri Paillere, IAEA
Kirsty Gogan, Founder and managing partner of TerraPraxis, UK
Lukasz Bartela, Associate Professor, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Yaoli Zhang, Associate Professor, College of Energy, Xiamen University, China


Aidar Tainov, IAEA

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