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Standing Advisory Group for Nuclear Energy (SAGNE)

The IAEA's Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE) advises the Director General on the Agency's activities in the area of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle and waste technology and nuclear science, and on matters concerning capacity building and nuclear knowledge management for sustainable energy development. In particular, SAGNE:

  • Provides advice on technical policy and strategy relating to nuclear power technology and nuclear power engineering development, on developing and maintaining adequate infrastructure in Member States that wish to use nuclear power for energy production, water desalination, hydrogen production and district heating and on the technical policy and strategy aspects of fuel cycle implementation and waste technology development. It also advises on capacity building and nuclear knowledge management for sustainable energy development including application of comparative assessments of nuclear power with other available energy options.
  • Makes recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of programme activities while maintaining for the Agency the highest scientific and technical competence and responsiveness to Member States’ needs.
  • Advises on the activities of Major Programme 1 in support of the Technical Co-operation programme.
  • Reviews and consolidates suggestions coming from other technical and advisory groups, such as the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and other Advisory Groups (WATEC, INDAG, AGMs), and recommends priorities for the implementation of the activities.

SAGNE members are appointed by the Director General and serve in their personal capacity. They are recognized senior experts in the area of nuclear power development and implementation, fuel cycle and waste management technology, and energy-environmental planning. They are drawn from governments, research and technological centres, academic institutions and the nuclear industry.

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