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Nuclear Security E-Learning

The IAEA offers 17 free online learning modules in nuclear security. Each module is based on the IAEA Nuclear Security Series and other guidance documents and is estimated to take one to four hours to complete. The modules target a wide range of professionals with nuclear security responsibilities and others interested. To access the modules, please visit the IAEA’s e-learning platform.

The responsibility for nuclear security within a State rests entirely with the State. The Agency contributes to global efforts to achieve security in activities or facilities that involve the use, storage or transport of nuclear and other radioactive material. It does so by supporting States, upon request, in their efforts to meet their national responsibilities and international obligations, to reduce risks and to respond appropriately to threats.

Human resource development is a key component of a robust and sustainable national nuclear security regime. The IAEA assists States in developing nuclear security expertise through training, including e-learning modules that introduce aspects of nuclear security. E-learning complements face-to-face trainings and supports efforts to ensure competence, skills and strong nuclear security culture.

The 17 modules are divided into four topical categories:

  • Crosscutting Topics
    • Overview of nuclear security threats and risks
    • Introduction to and overview of IAEA Nuclear Security Series Publications
    • Radiation Basics and Consequences of Exposure to Radiation
  • Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities
    • Nuclear Security Threats and Risks: Materials and Facilities
    • Physical Protection
    • Categorization of Radioactive Sources
    • Introduction to Radioactive Sources and Their Applications
    • Transport Security
    • Nuclear Material Accounting and Control
    • Preventive and Protective Measures against Insider Threats
  • Nuclear Security of Material out of Regulatory Control
    • Nuclear Security Threats and Risks: Material out of Regulatory Control
    • Use of Radiation Detection Instruments for Front Line Officers
    • Radiological Crime Scene Management
  • Information and Computer Security
    • Information and Computer Security
    • Nuclear Security Threats and Risks: Cyber Threats
    • Security of Nuclear Information
    • Computer Security Assurance Activities

How to take part

The Nuclear Security e-learning is available here. Participants need to create an account and log in – instructions are available on the IAEA e-learning platform. For further information please contact NSNSelearning@iaea.org.


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