Regional Network for Education and Training in Nuclear Technology (STAR-NET)

The regional network STAR-NET has been established to promote, manage and preserve nuclear knowledge and to ensure the continued availability of talented and qualified human resources in the nuclear field.

The STAR-NET network seals collaboration between educational institutions and nuclear industry-oriented training centres in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

In a joint effort with IAEA's programmes for nuclear knowledge management, capacity building and human resource development, the STAR-NET network brings together stakeholders from civil society to facilitate education and professional training and to promote knowledge-sharing within the nuclear sector.

The scope of collaboration between STAR-NET members include following key areas: 

  • Identifying the needs in nuclear education in the region.
  • Evaluating resources, and nuclear education and training programs in the region.
  • Collaborating in research and development projects on nuclear education and nuclear technology.
  • Exchanging information, curriculum and tools for training and outreach in nuclear technology field.
  • Developing common curricula and facilitating mutual recognition of degrees.
  • Developing educational and methodological materials and tools.
  • Promoting exchanges of students, teachers and researchers.
  • Promoting collaboration among STAR-NET member organizations and other regional educational networks.
  • Sharing best practices in nuclear education and educational resources.

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