Junior Professional Officer Programme

Opportunities for young professionals in an international workplace

The IAEA offers job opportunities for young professionals under a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programme.

The purpose of the JPO programme is to assist the IAEA in its activities and to give an opportunity to young professionals who wish to pursue an international career to acquire on-the-job professional experience, which may lead to future career development within international organizations or elsewhere in the international field. The JPO works as a staff member, at P-1 or P-2 level, as part of a team and under the guidance of a senior staff member in either a scientific, technical or administrative field.

The JPO programme is based on an agreement signed between Member States and the IAEA, which outlines the respective responsibilities and provides a framework for cooperation.

Programme details

The programme is designed for young professionals who:

  • are below the age of 32 years;
  • are nationals of a Member State that has signed a JPO agreement with the IAEA and are recommended to the IAEA by the respective Member State;
  • possess a suitable academic qualification (a first-level university degree); and
  • have at least two years of relevant work experience.

The initial duration of a JPO assignment is one year. It can be extended to a second year.

The assignment of a JPO must be fully funded by the government of the respective IAEA Member State, based on the cost estimate provided by the IAEA.


Applying for the JPO programme

As the assignment of a JPO is financially supported by the government of the respective IAEA Member State, the candidates are selected by the donor countries, either on an ad-hoc basis or following a structured approach.

Candidates interested in the JPO programme are encouraged to inquire at their Ministry of Foreign Affairs as to whether their country has an agreement with the IAEA on this matter and where they can apply.

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