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Charged Particle Cross Section Database

The Charged Particle Cross Section Database is intended for medical radioisotope production and for diagnostic radioisotopes and monitor reactions.

The database contains evaluated cross sections for 48 reactions induced by light charged-particles with incident energies up to several tens of MeV (maximum 100 MeV). Production cross sections for the most important diagnostic radioisotopes are given, with 16 reactions devoted to gamma emitters, and 10 reactions devoted to positron emitters. Cross sections for beam monitor reactions are given for 22 reactions induced by protons, deuterons, 3-He, and alpha particles.

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by the IAEA Secretariat
Completeness Comprehensive
Update Frequency Static
Last Resource Update 2011
Organizational Source Nuclear Applications
Data Type Codes and Numerical Data
Keywords Nuclear Science; Nuclear data; nuclear codes; light charged-particles; cross sections
Contact point Contact email
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