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Radioactive Waste Operations Benchmarking System


The WWER Radioactive Waste Operations Benchmarking System (WWER BMS) was established in response to IAEA TECDOC-1492, which was published in 2006 and highlights the importance of establishing industry-wide standards and guidelines for waste minimization, including source reduction, reuse, and volume reduction. 

Data collection is conducted annually, but benchmarking reports and analysis can be accessed throughout the year. 
Please note that this system is restricted to users who are currently participating in the Benchmarking Project and is not available to regular public users of NUCLEUS.

Resource Information

Quality Level Authoritative – information is provided directly by nuclear power plant operators
Completeness Selective – information is contributed voluntarily and may not cover all sites and is not necessarily complete for each site
Update Frequency Periodically – annually
Last Resource Update 2015
Organizational Source Nuclear Energy
Data Type  
Contact point Contact email
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