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NIDS Interactive Platform

This resource supports Member States embarking on a new nuclear power programme, or expanding an existing one, in building a sound nuclear infrastructure, which is crucial to establishing and operating nuclear power programmes in a safe, secure and sustainable manner.

Registered users from IAEA Member States can use the NIDS Interactive Platform to develop a better understanding of the requirements needed for implementing nuclear power programmes and to enhance their capabilities associated with the construction of a first nuclear power plant or expanding the existing fleet of nuclear power plants. They can also use the resource to strengthen their abilities to develop the necessary infrastructure for introducing nuclear power in a safe and sustainable manner and to expand the use of the internationally recognized IAEA Milestone approach for the introduction of nuclear power, including a harmonized framework and qualitative data, through coordination throughout the IAEA.

The NIDS Interactive Platform also offers its users information on the Integrated Work Plan, which is a mutually agreed document describing the IAEA's planned nuclear infrastructure support activities in a Member State for a fixed period of time. This Plan is considered a formal working document requiring the participation of the recipient government and its approval of the initial version and all subsequent updates. It is expected to be the main reference document for the purpose of planning, integration and coordination of assistance through approved IAEA projects and activities related to nuclear power infrastructure development in any Member State that has an active programme with the IAEA.

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