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Emergency Preparedness and Response Resources

Through its Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC), the IAEA maintains four online tools and mechanisms to share information and data on emergency preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies.

These Emergency Preparedness and Response Resources are restricted to registered users. For access to these resources, contact the Incident and Emergency Centre.

Unified System for Information Exchange in Incidents and Emergencies (USIE)

USIE is a secure website maintained by the IAEA to enable countries to exchange urgent notifications and follow-up information during an emergency. The website not only facilitates the exchange of notifications and information between countries during an emergency, it also allows them to request information or international assistance. A USIE Exercise and a USIE Training website is available for registered USIE users.

EPR Information Management System (EPRIMS)

​EPRIMS is an interactive, web-based tool enabling Member States to self-assess their emergency preparedness and response arrangements with regard to nuclear and radiological emergencies and to share information on the results. It provides a comprehensive analysis of countries’ emergency preparedness arrangements and identifies areas for improvement. EPRIMS is open to registered users in all Member States.

International Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS)

IRMIS is a tool for the reporting and visualisation of large quantities of environmental radiation monitoring data during nuclear or radiological emergencies. The data maps the areas of potential impact that can assist countries to take appropriate protective actions in an emergency. Access to IRMIS is limited to authorized users and to data providers from Member States.

Assessment and Prognosis Tools (A&P Tools)

The Assessment and Prognosis tools are used by the IAEA to fulfil its role in assessment and prognosis during a nuclear or radiological emergency. These tools are available on an IAEA secure website. Access to this website can be granted to experts from IAEA Member States for awareness and to facilitate the IAEA assessment and prognosis process. Member States are encouraged to support the implementation of the IAEA assessment and prognosis process by using these tools as applicable. These tools are intended to be used by experts trained in their use and applicability.

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