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NUclear Medicine DAtaBase (NUMDAB)

NUMDAB is an information resource on the status of nuclear medicine practice worldwide. The database contains data on individual nuclear medicine facilities and their manpower and equipment, as well as on the isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals they use.

NUMDAB helps its users to:

  • understand the current state of infrastructure, technology and educational resources for implementing nuclear medicine practice, training and research in Member States;
  • assist Member States in formulating and planning possible approaches to emerging needs;
  • assist them in prioritizing educational and operational needs related to the establishment or strengthening of nuclear medicine practices within their health care systems, with special emphasis on developing countries; and
  • identify the potential of regional health centres to deliver professional training.

The IAEA updates the database continuously with fresh information delivered by its registered users. This input allows the Agency to better understand its Member States’ priority needs regarding nuclear medicine practices and helps it prepare a work plan to address those needs.

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