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NUclear Medicine DAtaBase (NUMDAB)

The aim of NUMDAB (NUclear Medicine DAtaBase), is to gather and maintain updated information regarding the status of nuclear medicine practice around the world. The database promotes understanding the current situation of Member States regarding infrastructure, technology, and educational resources for implementing nuclear medicine practice, training, and research.

Why should anyone participate in NUMDAB?

Some advantages of participating in this census:

  • Collaboration with an organization involved in providing aid to developing countries in the field of nuclear medicine.
  • Opportunity to provide agency with inforrnation on self developing and training needs.
  • Stimulate the improvement of databases, statistics and record- keeping for institution/departments.
  • Access information from countries/regions relevant for project development and activity-planning.
  • Access to contact persons for information exchange, consultations, promoting educational activities, meetings, symposia, etc.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us, or you have anything that you would like to clarify with regards to your center and the NUMDAB database please send us an email at numdab@iaea.org


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