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IAEA Nuclear Data Library / Thermal Scattering Law

​The IAEA Nuclear Data Library / Thermal Scattering Law is a database of thermal scattering law data for hydrogen bound in water, hydrogen bound in zirconium hydride, and deuterium bound in heavy water.

The calculations of the thermal scattering law data were tailored to the computer technology of the sixties. Since then, the calculations were repeated for the ENDF/B-VI library, using however the same input data (except for a somewhat extended energy transfer range). The updated database was assembled at the of 2006 for general use as an IAEA NDL in ENDF-6 format. These data sets have also been fully (or partially) adopted within various international/national nuclear applications libraries for their immediate use (JEFF-3.1 and ENDF/B-VII).

Resource Information

Quality Level Quality-checked by the IAEA Secretariat
Completeness Selective. Thermal Neutron Scattering Data for the Moderator Materials H2O, D2O and ZrHx
Update Frequency Occasionally
Last Resource Update 2006
Subject Nuclear Physics
Organizational Source Nuclear Applications
Data Type Evaluated Data Library
Keywords Zirconium hydride; thermal scattering; hydrogen; waste incineration; Thermal Scattering Law; evaluated nuclear data library
Contact point Contact email
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