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Conditions of employment for general service staff


Salaries are determined within the framework of the United Nations Common System and are usually paid in the currency of the duty station.

Health insurance

Medical insurance coverage is a scheme covering medical and hospital expenses. Normally, staff members and their eligible dependants will be enrolled on a cost-sharing basis in the Agency's health scheme, which provides reasonable coverage for medical and hospital costs and also some coverage for dental treatment. Alternately, under certain conditions, staff members may join the Austrian national health insurance scheme, with an optional supplementary insurance plan.

In special cases approval may be granted to continue participation in health insurance schemes other than the Agency's.

Life insurance

Staff members have the possibility of enrolling, at their own expense, in a group life insurance scheme with several levels of coverage.

Pension plan

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) is a fund established by the General Assembly of the United Nations to provide retirement, death, disability and related benefits for the staff of the United Nations and other member organizations admitted to membership in the fund.

Staff members are required to participate in the UNJSPF, for which they contribute 7.9% and the Agency contributes 15.8% of their pensionable remuneration. Staff members leaving the Agency before completion of five years of contributory service will be reimbursed the amount of their own contributions plus 3.25% interest.

After the completion of 5 years, staff members would be eligible for a deferred retirement benefit, early retirement benefit or normal retirement benefit depending on their age upon separation.

Staff members may exceptionally be authorized to continue to participate in a national pension insurance scheme or the pension scheme of their former employer.

Austrian Unemployment Insurance Scheme (AUIS)

Staff members have the option to enroll on a cost-sharing basis in the Austrian unemployment insurance scheme.

Dependency allowance

A staff member's own or legally adopted children, as well as his or her spouse, may be recognized as dependants. An annual dependency allowance, depending on the age and number of children, will be issued to staff members with dependants.

Language allowance

Staff members who pass a test prescribed by the Director General for this purpose shall be paid a language allowance for proficiency in two official languages, or one official language and the language of the duty station, if the latter is not their mother tongue.

Additional benefits and entitlements

In addition to the benefits detailed above, the IAEA offers annual leave at a rate of 2.5 days per month worked, sick leave entitlement, parental leave entitlement (26 weeks paid leave for birth parents and 16 weeks paid leave for non-birth parents) and a host of other entitlements to its staff.

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