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Conditions for IAEA internships

The Agency does not consider interns to be staff members under the Staff Regulations and Rules, and therefore they do not enjoy the guarantees and entitlements provided by these Regulations and Rules.

Interns are also not entitled to the privileges and immunities accorded by Member States to staff members of the Agency. The internship programme is not a means for subsequently obtaining employment at the Agency. However, interns may apply for vacancy notices as external candidates at any time during and following their internships.

Interns working full-time shall receive a stipend of €1000 per month. The stipend does not constitute a salary, but rather an allowance to assist basic subsistence costs during the internship period.

The Agency provides medical insurance for the duration of an internship, unless an intern provides proof that he or she already has appropriate insurance coverage.

Interns are responsible for obtaining the necessary passport, visa or other documents that may be required for entering Austria or any other country where the internship will be performed. Non-Austrian interns who stay for more than six months in Austria will be issued a residency permit by the Austrian Foreign Ministry through the IAEA, which must be returned at the end of the internship.

Internships are awarded on the basis of an individual agreement between the Agency and the intern. For this reason, the IAEA does not enter into any agreement with an organization or institution (for example, a university) to which the intern is affiliated.

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