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External Events Safety Section: Capacity Building Activities

 The External Events Safety Section provides support to Member States in building and sustaining capacity in nuclear safety.

Education and training

  •  As part of the Site and External Events Design Review Service (SEED), the SEED Guidelines on how to prepare and conduct SEED review missions can be used as training material.
  • Collection of training material on site selection and site evaluation for nuclear installations, radiological environmental impact assessment of nuclear installations, design of nuclear installation against external events, safety assessment of existing nuclear installation against external events and for safety standards on site and design safety in relation to external events.

Knowledge management

  • The EESS Portal (login required) contains research outcomes and state of art practice (technical reports, research advancement, presentations) for: external hazards assessments, design against external hazards, safety assessment against external hazards, seismic experience database. It is of added value in particular as knowledge repository for the nuclear safety community on the state of art methods for the assessment of site and design safety in relation to external events.
  • The seismic experience database (login required) contains reports on the states of nuclear power plant components after they have been exposed to earthquakes of various intensity
  • The external events notification system (login required) contains earthquake notification reports related to the occurrence of external events around the world in the region of nuclear installation sites
  • The SEED review mission report database (login required) contains SEED review mission reports conducted in Members States

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