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Education and Training Appraisal (EduTA)

The EduTa service has the goal to evaluate and identify the training needs of IAEA Member States in a systematic manner, and to assess their education and training infrastructure.

EduTA is carried out at the request of a Member State. EduTA missions are conducted by a team of international and IAEA experts. A Member State can also use the methodology as a self-appraisal tool. Its modular structure allows for it to be applied to a State’s entire national education and training infrastructure for radiation, transport and waste safety or to specific components of the infrastructure, such as training centres or specifically qualified personnel.

An EduTA mission provides:

  • A detailed appraisal of the status of the provisions for education and training in radiation protection and the safety of radiation sources, including the identification of national education and training needs;
  • Identification of areas in education and training where provisions should be improved to cope with national education and training needs and to comply with the IAEA Safety Standards; and
  • Recommended actions to be taken to strengthen education and training in line with in the respective IAEA Safety Guide and Safety Report.

An EduTA mission consists of three stages: (i) a preparatory stage during which the relevant data are collected and the pre-appraisal form completed by the recipient Member State; (ii) the appraisal itself; and the (iii) provision of the final report. The final report is issued after consultation with and review by the Member State. It includes recommendations and a plan of actions to improve in the near term the current status, as well as actions for the long term to upgrade the State’s education and training provisions and capabilities.

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