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Advisory Mission on Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety (AMRAS)

AMRAS evaluates national regulatory infrastructure for radiation safety against the IAEA safety standards, other IAEA publications and the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources. The missions also advise and assist in the establishment or improvement of national regulatory infrastructure for the control of radiation sources.

AMRAS provide countries with advice and support to establish, strengthen and enhance national regulatory infrastructure for radiation safety of radiation sources. AMRAS missions evaluate the status of the national regulatory infrastructure for safety and identify gaps with respect to IAEA safety standards, guidance and the Code of Conduct. Missions also evaluate regulatory processes related to the establishment of guides, authorisation, inspection and enforcement. 

AMRAS missions are modular and tailored to the needs of host States. They are useful at any stage of regulatory infrastructure development, including before such infrastructure is developed. They focus on the national infrastructure as it applies to radiation sources - nuclear and fuel cycle facilities are beyond the scope of AMRAS.

The missions identify any improvement needs and provide recommendations and an action plan.

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