Codes of Conduct

The global safety regime promoted by the IAEA relies in part on various inter-governmental legal instruments. These legal instruments include not only the legally-binding Conventions but also the non-legally binding Codes of Conduct.

Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources

This Code aims at helping national authorities to ensure that radioactive sources are used within an appropriate framework of radiation safety and security. The Code is a well-accepted, non-legally binding international instrument and has received political support from more than 130 Member States.

Two documents supplement the Code. The Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources supplements the Code and aims to provide for an adequate transfer of responsibility when a source is being transferred from one State to another. The Guidance on the Management of Disused Radioactive Sources provides further guidance regarding the establishment of a national policy and strategy for the management of disused sources, and on the implementation of management options such as recycling and reuse, long term storage pending disposal and return to a supplier.

Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors

This Code strengthens the international nuclear safety arrangements for civil research reactors. It sets out parameters for the management of research reactor safety and provides guidance to governments, regulatory bodies and operating organizations for the development and harmonization of the relevant policies, laws and regulations.

Its objective is to achieve and maintain a high level of safety in research reactors worldwide, which is achieved by proper operating conditions, the prevention of accidents and, should accidents occur, the mitigation of their radiological consequences.

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