Helping Hands

Vol. 50-2

May 2009

The May 2009 IAEA Bulletin issue is published in a context of international financial and economic crisis, crushing investment to cut poverty. The IAEA is a leading actor in helping countries benefit from science and technology, as well as in keeping weapons proliferation at bay. This edition reports on cancer, food, energy, environmental threats, and nuclear security. It features the efforts of Zambia’s Beatrice Mwape and medical leaders like her in Africa who struggle to provide safe and effective health care for patients and practitioners alike in radiological services. In this year of transition for the IAEA, the future of the Agency is examined, including its role in increasingly multinational nuclear activities, security against terrorism and other wilful acts, and nuclear energy safety. Illegal nuclear trade and safeguards’ tools are covered. This edition also reports on the communities affected by the Chernobyl accident, and on Art on the IAEA and nuclear power.

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