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imPACT Review

An imPACT Review is an assessment of a country’s cancer burden and its readiness to implement cancer control programmes. The IAEA and its partners make recommendations towards strengthening National Cancer Control Programmes.

One of the greatest challenges developing countries face in tackling cancer is the ability to devise realistic plans for building sustainable cancer control capacities. Cancer Control is much broader than the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It also includes cancer control planning, cancer registry and surveillance, prevention, early detection and palliative care. With limited resources, Ministries of Health in low and middle income countries often face difficulties in identifying priorities and deciding on effective measures to implement corresponding activities for cancer control.

The IAEA, through its Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), helps Member States optimize investments in cancer control. Requesting an imPACT Review is usually the first step countries take in response to increasing demands for services by cancer patients.

The review results in an evaluation of a country’s existing cancer services, assesses the national cancer burden and provides actionable recommendations by subject matter experts. This, for example, could propose improving existing capacities in early detection of cervical cancer or coordination modalities for cancer control at a national level. The imPACT report is shared with the Ministry of Health to support the country respond to the cancer burden.

imPACT Reviews seek to:

  • Evaluate a country’s capacities to plan and implement comprehensive cancer control programmes.
  • Assess national capabilities to develop and implement long-term radiation medicine
    infrastructure plans, taking into account relevant safety, regulatory and quality assurance
  • Provide recommendations to Ministries of Health for developing and managing national
    cancer control programmes in a sustainable manner.

Since 2005, over 80 imPACT Review missions have taken place.


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