General Conference

GCSPL.2 | Documents

Reports to the Conference

2019GCSPL.2Provisional agendaPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/1
2019GCSPL.2Approval of the Appointment of the Director GeneralPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/2
2019GCSPL.2Examination of Delegates' Credentials - Statement of the Arab Member States of the IAEA participating in the second special session of the IAEA General Conference regarding their reservations about the credentials of the Israeli delegationPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/3
2019GCSPL.2Examination of Delegates' Credentials - Text of the communication dated 2 December 2019 received from the Resident Representative of Israel to the International Atomic Energy AgencyPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/4
2019GCSPL.2Examination of Delegates' Credentials - Report of the General CommitteePDF iconGC(SPL.2)/5
2019GCSPL.2AgendaPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/6

Information Documents

2019GCSPL.2Provisional programme and arrangementsPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/INF
2019GCSPL.2Advance Information for DelegationsPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/INF/1
2019GCSPL.2Statements at the Second Special Session of the General ConferencePDF iconGC(SPL.2)/INF/2
2019GCSPL.2List of ParticipantsPDF iconGC(SPL.2)/INF/3


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