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Plenary Meetings

GC06Proposed agenda for the tenth meetingPDF iconGC(06)/GEN/20
GC06Amendment of Article XIV of the StatutePDF iconGC(06)/GEN/21
GC06Closing date of the session - Joint suggestion by Australia and SwedenPDF iconGC(06)/GEN/22
GC06Official record of the sixty-ninth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(06)/OR.69
GC06Official record of the seventieth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(06)/OR.70
GC06Official record of the seventy-first Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(06)/OR.71
GC06Official record of the seventy-second Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(06)/OR.72

General Committee

GC06General Committee - Official record of the tenth meetingPDF iconGC(06)/GEN/OR.10

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