Information services for development

Vol. 28-4

December 1986

This article is a brief account of the past, present and future of the International Nuclear Information System INIS. The INIS story is here given in terms of figures and data including the milestone of one million references reached in 1986. The present status of the system is described. Future trends of development are mentioned as well as the distribution of input (by Member State and literary indicator) and the scope of the system. Products and services are listed. The information system AGRIS in the field of agriculture and operated by the FAO is mentioned (a sister system). Data on AGRIS are given

Nuclear information: An overview of IAEA's activities. Recent developments have re-enforced the need to define future directions

IAEA-IRS: New directions in a co-operative network for nuclear safety. Started in 1983, the Agency's incident reporting system is being strengthened

INIS: Nuclear information for development. A look at main trends influencing the system's future

Report from Mexico: INIS and its impact on nuclear power development. The country has established a co-operative information network

Nuclear data: Serving basic needs of science and technology. An overview of the IAEA's international nuclear data centre

The nuclear fuel cycle information system: NFCIS. IAEA's international directory of nuclear fuel cycle facilities

Safeguards analytical services: Their role in verification. A worldwide network of laboratories, expertise, and technical support

International transfers of nuclear material. An overview of the Agency's safeguards role and activities in this area

Report from Japan: Nuclear experience, prospects, and plans. By 1995, the country expects to receive about 35% of its electricity from nuclear plants

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