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Resolutions Adopted by the General Conference

GC11The Agency's budget for 1968. Operational budget allocations for 1968PDF iconGC(11)/RES/227
GC11The Agency's budget for 1968. Use of the Working Capital Fund in 1968PDF iconGC(11)/RES/228
GC11Scale of Members' contributions for 1968PDF iconGC(11)/RES/229
GC11Review of the Agency's activities. The results of the review of the Agency's activitiesPDF iconGC(11)/RES/230

Decisions of the General Conference

GC11Election of the PresidentPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/1
GC11Appointment of the Credentials CommitteePDF iconGC(11)/DEC/2
GC11Election of the Vice-PresidentsPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/3
GC11Appointment of the General CommitteePDF iconGC(11)/DEC/4
GC11Adoption of the agenda and allocation of items for initial discussionPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/5
GC11Closing date of the sessionPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/6
GC11Opening date of the twelfth regular sessionPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/7
GC11Election of Members to the Board of GovernorsPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/8
GC11Appointment of the External AuditorPDF iconGC(11)/DEC/9
GC11Elections to the Agency's Staff Pension CommitteePDF iconGC(11)/DEC/10

Plenary Meetings

GC11Election of Members to the Board of Governors - Memorandum by the Director GeneralPDF iconGC(11)/GEN/31
GC11Proposed agenda for the fifteenth meetingPDF iconGC(11)/GEN/32
GC11One hundred and eleventh Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.111
GC11One hundred and twelfth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.112
GC11One hundred and thirteenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.113
GC11One hundred and fourteenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.114
GC11One hundred and fifteenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.115
GC11One hundred and sixteenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.116
GC11One hundred and seventeenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.117
GC11One hundred and eighteenth Plenary MeetingPDF iconGC(11)/OR.118

General Committee

GC11General Committee fifteenth meetingPDF iconGC(11)/GEN/OR.15

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