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Specialized training courses in radiation safety

The IAEA offers specialized training courses on a wide range of radiation safety subjects suitable for different categories of personnel dealing with ionizing radiation.

These one- or two-week courses may target regulators, health professionals, radiation protection officers or operators and may focus on topics such as the regulatory framework, external and internal occupational exposure, patient protection (diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, cardiology, hybrid imaging), radioactive waste management, transport of radioactive material, safety of radioactive sources, and safety in industrial applications.

The courses are suitable for professional or technical staff, or participants of the Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources (PGEC).

Training packages that support the courses, most which are available online, may include lecture plans and notes, presentation slides, exercises, tests, references and bibliography as well as material for on-the-job training.

The IAEA organizes about 25 specialized training courses per year in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Overview of training material

Occupational radiation protection

Protection of patients

Quality management

  • Quality Management Systems for Technical Services in Radiation Safety

Regulatory oversight

Radiation Safety – Basis

Safe transport of radioactive material

Radioactive waste and spent fuel management

  • Training Material on Radioactive Waste Management

Decommissioning and remediation

Assessment and management of environmental releases

  • Training Material on Control of Discharges and Monitoring

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