Nuclear Techniques in Human Health: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment

Vol. 58-3

September 2017

This edition of the IAEA Bulletin will give readers a better understanding of nuclear techniques in human health and of the role of the IAEA in making this science accessible to all.

How nuclear techniques can help improve human health

Stable isotope techniques used to study link between gut health and child growth

Chile combats obesity in children using nuclear techniques

Doctor’s ‘crazy’ dream comes true with Cambodia’s new cancer care facility

Advances in nuclear medicine: Q&A with Satoshi Minoshima on the use of molecular imaging to diagnose dementia

Breaking down barriers to nuclear medicine in Bangladesh

IAEA supports quality assurance through comprehensive clinical and dosimetry audits

Jordan branches out into theranostics — advanced nanomedicine for cancer management

United Nations agencies launch joint global programme to prevent and control cervical cancer

The right dose for accurate diagnosis: tracking patient radiation doses and using diagnostic reference levels

Albania enhances radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients with IAEA support

Cancer is a battle that can only be won if everyone works together

IAEA support in human health

Benin farmers triple yields and improve livelihoods thanks to isotopic technique

New app helps customs officers improve radiation detection for nuclear security

Nuclear safeguards conclusions presented in 2016 Safeguards Implementation Report

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