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New Webinar Series to Address Challenges in Nuclear Knowledge Management


A Nuclear Knowledge Management School in Trieste, Italy in August 2013. (Photo: M. Vojtela/IAEA)

The IAEA is launching a new series of webinars on nuclear knowledge management (NKM) to support professionals worldwide in maintaining and preserving the technical expertise and skills required for operating in the nuclear field. The first series kicks off on 12-14 October with a look at Knowledge Management Assist Visits (KMAV), an IAEA service that reviews nuclear organizations’ knowledge management practices and provides advice for further improvements.

“Member States taking part in the webinars will gain a better understanding of some of the methodologies and techniques used to manage and mitigate the risks of losing critical and important knowledge from their organizations,” said David Drury, Head of the IAEA’s NKM Section. “They will also take part in discussions on specific challenges facing them.”

Nuclear technology requires a high level of technical expertise and experience that must be passed on between generations. The IAEA assists countries in retaining and transferring this knowledge by developing methodologies and tools for establishing and implementing NKM systems as well as guidance documents for planning, designing and implementing NKM programmes.

Running weekly to 3 December, the webinars are divided into five thematic series:

Setting the stage for the series, the first webinar will provide an overview of the KMAV methodology and discuss how KMAV programmes help nuclear organizations to introduce a strategic knowledge management and human resource development programme aligned with their business objectives. Most webinars will feature both IAEA and external experts from around the world.

Participants will engage in discussions on key NKM aspects such as the role of co-operation and collaboration among educational institutions and industry, IAEA education network activities and publications on NKM, specialist processes deployed by the Agency to support the development of education and human resource capabilities, and NKM and Nuclear Energy Management Schools programmes and activities. Participation in the webinars is free of charge and open to all following registration.

“For nuclear organizations, it’s vital to continue to be engaged in NKM activities even amid the restrictions stemming from the global pandemic,” Drury said. “We have designed these new series of IAEA webinars to respond to this need by providing valuable opportunities for learning not only from IAEA experts but also specialists from around the world, including industry, research and academia.”

Last update: 09 Oct 2020

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