School for Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety

This School is a workshop aimed at assisting participants with the drafting and revision of their countries’ national regulations on safety. The participants learn how to ensure compatibility with the relevant IAEA safety standards.

An independent and effective national regulatory framework for safety is the central underpinning for the safety and security of nuclear and radiation facilities and activities in a country. The IAEA works closely with its Member States to strengthen their regulatory authorities and regulatory functions, including helping them develop regulations for the implementation of their national laws on safety.

An important cornerstone of these efforts is the IAEA School for Drafting Regulations on Nuclear and Radiation Safety, which is open to regulators from IAEA Member States experienced in drafting and implementing national safety regulations. The School builds on the existing capabilities of staff of regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring the sustainability of regulators’ ability to develop and update national regulations and guides for safety.

Each session of the School’s programme is designed to accommodate a large number of participants from Member States that share certain elements, such as language, regulatory traditions or the current status of their regulatory infrastructures. This allows them to work together in synergistic groups and to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise.

At the end of the School, participants are expected to have gained sufficient knowledge and expertise to enable them to ensure regulations are properly framed in the future, always within their national legislative framework and in line with international safety standards and best practices.

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