Safeguards and Industry

Vol. 38-4

December 1996

In the December 1996 IAEA Bulletin edition, articles report on the recent evolution of the IAEA system of international safeguards, and examine safeguards at low-enriched uranium facilities, at light-water reactors, and at research reactors. Safeguards can also effectively assist States against illicit nuclear trafficking. The Secretary General of the London-based Uranium Institute gives his perspective on international safeguards. Under its Nuclear Safety Standards (NUSS) programme, the IAEA has revised the standards for quality assurance of nuclear power plants. This edition also includes an issue of Inside Technical Co-operation, which covers several of the current IAEA’s Technical Cooperation projects.

Inside - Technical Co-operation

Safeguards: The evolving picture

Safeguards at LEU facilities: Current practices, future directions ; Low-enriched uranium

Safeguards at light-water reactors: Current practices, future directions

Safeguards at research reactors: Current practices, future directions

International safeguards: An industry perspective

Safeguards and illicit nuclear trafficking: Towards more effective control

Nuclear plant safety and performance: Elevating standards of quality assurance

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