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GC Regular Sessions

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Decisions of the General Conference

GC42Adoption of the Agenda and allocation of items for initial discussionPDF iconGC(42)/DEC/5
GC42Closing Date of the SessionPDF iconGC(42)/DEC/6
GC42Opening date of the Forty-Third Regular Session of the General ConferencePDF iconGC(42)/DEC/7
GC42Requests for the restoration of voting rightsPDF iconGC(42)/DEC/8
GC42Article VI of the StatutePDF iconGC(42)/DEC/10
GC42Israeli Nuclear Capabilities and ThreatPDF iconGC(42)/DEC/11
GC42Election to the Agency's Staff Pension CommitteePDF iconGC(42)/DEC/12
GC42Streamlining the Work of The General ConferencePDF iconGC(42)/DEC/13

Plenary Meetings

GC42First MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.1
GC42First -Tenth Meeting -CorrigendaPDF iconGC(42)/OR.1/Corr.1
GC42Second MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.2
GC42Third MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.3
GC42Fourth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.4
GC42Fifth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.5
GC42Sixth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.6
GC42Seventh MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.7
GC42Eighth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.8
GC42Ninth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.9
GC42Tenth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/OR.10

Committee of the Whole

GC42First MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.1
GC42First -sixth Meeting -CorrigendaPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.1/Corr.1
GC42Forty-Second (1998) Regular Session of the General ConferencePDF iconGC(42)/GEN/1/Corr.1
GC42Proposed Agenda for the First MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/GEN/1
GC42Meeting of the Committee At 9:15 A.M. On Thursday, 24 September 1998 Provisional AgendaPDF iconGC(42)/GEN/2
GC42Second MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.2
GC42Third MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.3
GC42Fourth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.4
GC42Fifth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.5
GC42Sixth MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/COM.5/OR.6

General Committee

GC42First MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/GEN/OR.1
GC42Second MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/GEN/OR.2
GC42Third MeetingPDF iconGC(42)/GEN/OR.3

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