Safety of fuel cycle facilities

The IAEA works with Member States to ensure their nuclear fuel cycle facilities have the highest possible safety level. The Agency is present in every phase of a facility’s lifetime, from the planning to the decommissioning stage. It conducts peer reviews worldwide and provides technical advice. More →

  • Olikiluoto NPP

    Design and safety assessment of fuel cycle facilities

    Ensuring the safe design of fuel cycle facilities and conducting regular safety assessments are fundamental to make sure these installations operate under adequate conditions and to prevent accidents. Through its safety standards, review services and training programme, the IAEA helps achieve this goal. Read more →

  • Construction and Commissioniong, Russia

    Commissioning of fuel cycle facilities

    Commissioning is the process by which systems and components of nuclear power plants, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities, after they have been constructed, are made operational and verified so they are in line with the original design and meet the required safety and performance criteria. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Operational safety of fuel cycle facilities

    The organization operating a fuel cycle facility is responsible for its safe operation. An independent regulatory body provides oversight through inspection and enforcement. The IAEA publishes safety standards to support these bodies, offers review services and organizes training. Read more →

  • decommissioning activities

    Decommissioning of nuclear installations

    Decommissioning refers to the administrative and technical actions taken to remove all or some of the regulatory controls from an authorized facility so the facility and its site can be reused. Decommissioning includes activities such as planning, physical and radiological characterization, facility and site decontamination, dismantling, and materials management. Read more →

  • Security aspects of nuclear facilities

    With hundreds of nuclear power reactors, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities in operation worldwide, nuclear terrorism and other nuclear security threats demand continuous attention. The IAEA helps to ensure that measures are taken to control and protect nuclear facilities from such threats. Read more →

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