Assurance of nuclear fuel supply

A well-functioning international nuclear fuel market has played an increasingly important role for many Member States. While it is acknowledged that the international market in nuclear fuel continues to operate effectively and efficiently, countries utilizing or considering adding nuclear power to their energy mix would not only benefit, but also need to have confidence in their ability to obtain nuclear fuel in an assured and predictable manner.

  • IAEA Low Enriched Uranium Bank

    The IAEA Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Bank is an assurance of supply mechanism of last resort, and will be a physical reserve of LEU available for eligible IAEA Member States. Read more →

  • IAEA

    International Uranium Enrichment Centre

    In January 2006, the President of the Russian Federation put forward the initiative of setting up a system of international nuclear fuel cycle centres. As the first pilot project, in May 2007, the International Uranium Enrichment Centre (IUEC) in Angarsk was established by Russia and Kazakhstan. Read more →

  • Nuclear fuel pellets

    Nuclear Fuel Assurance

    Nuclear Fuel Assurance (NFA) refers to one of a number of mechanisms to establish an international framework for assurance of supply of nuclear fuel. It is led by the United Kingdom, and as with the other assurance mechanisms, it is designed to provide the States with an additional level of assurance for the front end of the fuel cycle. Read more →

  • Safety of Fuel Cycle Facilities

    Multilateral Enrichment Sanctuary Project

    As a response to assurance of nuclear fuel supply, the Government of Germany has proposed the establishment of a multilateral uranium-enrichment plant administered by the IAEA. The German proposal for a Multilateral Enrichment Sanctuary Project (MESP) allows an independent access to nuclear fuel cycle services, thus complementing the other proposals on assurances of supply of nuclear fuel. Read more →

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