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NUCLEUS information resources

The IAEA's NUCLEUS information resource portal provides access to over 110 scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. As it is mainly meant for IAEA counterparts in the government, industry and scientific community, NUCLEUS hosts a number of resources that require registration. Many sites, however, can be accessed without a password.

Information resources in radiation protection

Five sites that provide access to information on occupational exposure in medicine, industry and research; safety in radiation oncology and in radiological procedures; radiation protection of patients; and to occupational radiation protection networks.

International Catalogue of Sealed Radioactive Sources and Devices

The ICSRS is a comprehensive catalogue of the data of manufacturers on sealed radioactive sources and the devices in which they are or can be used.

International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES)

The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) is a tool for communicating the safety significance of nuclear and radiological events to the public.

International Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS)

IRMIS is a mechanism for the reporting and visualisation of large quantities of environmental radiation monitoring data during nuclear or radiological emergencies.

International Reactor Dosimetry File

The International Reactor Dosimetry File is a standardized, updated and benchmarked evaluated cross-section library of neutron dosimetry reactions with uncertainty information (IRDF-2002) for use in lifetime management assessments of nuclear power reactors and other applications.

International Regulatory Network

The International Regulatory Network (RegNet) is the Portal for web-based international cooperation among nuclear safety and security regulators.

International Reporting System for Operating Experience (IRS)

The IRS is an international system through which 33 participating countries exchange experience to improve the safety of nuclear power plants by submitting event reports on unusual events considered important for safety.


​InTouch+ is an online facility serving prospective event participants, nominators and approvers from the IAEA’s Member States. InTouch+ is the improved and expanded successor to the Technical Cooperation Department’s InTouch platform.

Ion Beam Analysis Nuclear Data Library

This library contains most of the available experimental nuclear cross-sections relevant to ion beam analysis. 

Knowledgebase for Atomic, Molecular and Plasma-Material Interaction Data For Fusion

This is a wiki-style knowledge base on the relevant information for atomic, molecular and plasma-material interaction data for fusion applications.

LiveChart of Nuclides – Advanced version

LiveChart is an interactive chart that presents the nuclear structure and decay properties of all known nuclides through a user-friendly graphical interface. 

Minor Actinide Property Database

The MADB is a bibliographic database on physico-chemical properties of selected minor actinide compounds and alloys.


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