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NUCLEUS information resources

The IAEA's NUCLEUS information resource portal provides access to over 100 scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. As it is mainly meant for IAEA counterparts in the government, industry and scientific community, NUCLEUS hosts a number of resources that require registration. Many sites, however, can be accessed without a password.

Fusion Portal

This site brings together all fusion activities organized by the IAEA.

Global Assessment of Nuclear Data Requirements

GANDR is a set of computer programmes that generate correlation matrices, which rank the accuracy of various types of nuclear data. 

GNSSN banner

Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN)

The IAEA Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network  is both a human network and a web platform, allowing its members to share nuclear safety and security knowledge and services to further the goal of achieving worldwide implementation of a high level of nuclear safety and security.

Global Safety Assessment Network

The Global Nuclear Safety Assessment Network (GSAN) facilitates the focused collaboration on safety assessment capacity building in support of global nuclear safety harmonization, especially in expanding and developing nuclear programmes worldwide.


GovAtom is a service provided by the IAEA to its Member State representatives. It provides them with online documentation on the work of the Board of Governors and its Committees.

Human Health Campus

The Human Health Campus is an educational and resource website for health professionals in radiation medicine (nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology and medical radiation physics) and nutrition. 



The IAEA CONNECT platform is an easy-to-use online environment that hosts a wide range of IAEA’s professional networks that brings together professionals and experts from IAEA and its Member States to facilitate the sharing of information and capacity building while offering a centralized resource hub in their topical areas.

IAEA Lise Meitner Library

The IAEA Lise Meitner Library supports research activities by providing a specialized collection of nuclear information on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and its applications. The library meets the needs of its users through a variety of library services and coordinates the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN), a consortium of nuclear libraries and organizations.

IAEA Lise Meitner Library Catalogue of Resources

The IAEA Lise Meitner Library Catalogue of Resources provides bibliographical, location and availability information about the Library's collection of books, journals, films and videos, selected technical reports and documents, and electronic information resources.

IAEA Nuclear Data Library / Thermal Scattering Law

​The IAEA Nuclear Data Library / Thermal Scattering Law is a database of thermal scattering law data for hydrogen bound in water, hydrogen bound in zirconium hydride, and deuterium bound in heavy water.

IAEA Nuclear Graphite Knowledge Base

This knowledge base supports the preservation and sharing of expert knowledge and experience across the international Graphite Community.

IAEA Photonuclear Data Library

​The library contains recommended evaluated photonuclear data for 164 isotopes for incident photons (gamma rays) with energies mostly up to 140 MeV.

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