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NUCLEUS information resources

The IAEA's NUCLEUS information resource portal provides access to over 100 scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. As it is mainly meant for IAEA counterparts in the government, industry and scientific community, NUCLEUS hosts a number of resources that require registration. Many sites, however, can be accessed without a password.

Nuclear Safety Action Plan Platform

This Platform provides a mechanism to enhance the transparency of activities associated with implementing the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety and to improve the dissemination of safety-related technical and technological information among IAEA Member States for the purpose of enhancing nuclear safety worldwide.

Nuclear Science References

The NSR is a bibliography of nuclear physics articles, spanning nearly 100 years of research and indexed according to content.

Nuclear Security Information Portal (NUSEC)

NUSEC is a platform that allows members of the nuclear security community to exchange information on all aspects of nuclear security.

Nuclear Wallet Cards

Nuclear Wallet Cards present properties for ground and isomeric states of all known nuclides. 

NuDat 2

NuDat 2 is a software that allows users to interactively search and plot nuclear structure and nuclear decay data. 

Photon and Electron Interaction Data

Photon Interaction Data (EPDL), Atomic Relaxation Data (EADL), Electron Interaction Data (EEDL), Excitation Data (EXDL) and Photon Anomalous Scattering factors (ASF).

Plataforma IberoAmericana Nuclear de Operadores en el área de Seguridad

This resource is a regional web-based collaboration platform supporting the development of Iberoamerican nuclear operators staff working community of practice.

Pointwise Data

​Temperature dependent cross sections for the ENDF/B-VII.1 library.

Post Irradiation Examination Facilities Database

This resource is a technical catalogue of Post Irradiation Facilities (hot cells) worldwide.

Power Reactor Information System (PRIS)

The Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), developed and maintained by the IAEA for over five decades, is a comprehensive database focusing on nuclear power plants worldwide. PRIS contains information on power reactors in operation, under construction, or those being decommissioned.

Radiation Safety Information Management System (RASIMS)

A national infrastructure for radiation safety is essential to protect people from the harmful effects of radiation. IAEA’s Radiation Safety Information Management System (RASIMS) enables Member States to assess how closely their infrastructures for radiation safety are aligned with IAEA Safety Standards’ recommendations and requirements.

Radioactive Waste Operations Benchmarking System

The WWER Radioactive Waste Operations Benchmarking System (WWER BMS) establishes industry-wide standards and guidelines for waste minimization, including source reduction, reuse, and volume reduction.

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