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NUCLEUS information resources

The IAEA's NUCLEUS information resource portal provides access to over 100 scientific, technical and regulatory resources, including databases, applications, publications and training material. As it is mainly meant for IAEA counterparts in the government, industry and scientific community, NUCLEUS hosts a number of resources that require registration. Many sites, however, can be accessed without a password.

Thermal Neutron Capture Gamma-rays

This site presents the energy and photon intensity of gamma rays as seen in thermal-neutron capture in two tables, one in ascending order of gamma energy and a second organized by Z, A of the target.

Thermo-Physical Materials Properties Database of LWRs and HWRs

THERPRO is an online database providing various properties of materials found in operating fleet of light and heavy water reactors and their advanced designs. It contains over 13,000 data files for 250 reactor materials, including relevant descriptions and bibliographic information.

Two-body relativistic kinematics code

This interactive computer programme allows the relativistic calculation of two-body reactions.


This resource is a multi-group nuclear data input library of the WIMS code for thermal research and power reactor applications.

World Distribution of Uranium Deposits

This is a database of uranium deposits worldwide, containing information on the classification, geological characteristics, geographical distribution and technical characteristics of these deposits.

World-Wide Directory of SIT Facilities (DIR-SIT)

This Directory has been established with the objective of aiding the retrieval of information on facilities in the world mass rearing sterile insects, for purposes of using them to develop autocidal approaches or as part of operational area-wide integrated pest management programmes integrating the sterile insect technique, inherited sterility and related biological control approaches.


ZVView is a multi-platform software designed for nuclear reactions data evaluators to perform efficient interactive visual analysis of cross section data retrieved from EXFOR and ENDF libraries.

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