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ISEMIR-N: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

ISEMIR-N is a digital tool to optimize radiation protection of workers in industrial operations involving naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

The tool, one of three in the IAEA Information System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Industry and Research (ISEMIR) series, allows industrial operators to exchange occupational exposure data, understand industry trends, establish benchmarks and measure compliance with international safety standards.

Industrial operators can use ISEMIR-N to share information about their processes, monitoring arrangements, assumptions to calculate radiation exposure and dose based on exposure pathways, as well as arrangements for training, staffing, record keeping, quality control and other activities to strengthen radiation protection programmes.

Why use ISEMIR-N?

ISEMIR-N is primarily designed to support radiation dose assessment of workers in industries involving naturally radioactive material that contains radionuclides of natural origins, such as Uranium-238 (U-238), Thorium 232 (Th-232) and Potassium-40 (K-40).

Globally, of the 24 million workers monitored for occupational exposure, more than 50% are exposed to natural sources in various industries such as mining, oil and gas production, mineral sands, water treatment, and metal refining and recycling.

Industrial activities may increase the natural concentration of radionuclides present in rocks, sand and other material, elevating the risk of exposure from residues, waste, products, or by-products of industrial processes. For example, increased concentrations of radionuclides may be found in mineral scale in pipes from oil and gas production, coal ash produced by the burning of coal for energy production, or in water treatment equipment.

Effective radiation monitoring ensures that these activities comply with IAEA occupational radiation protection and safety standards. Although ISEMIR-N can support Member States’ dose evaluation, it  does not constitute or replace a National Dose Registry.

ISEMIR-N is free for all users following online registration in NUCLEUS.

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