Uranium: From Exploration to Remediation

Vol. 59-2

June 2018

If countries opt for nuclear power or decide to explore the possibility of producing uranium, the IAEA's job is to help them do so safely, securely and sustainably. Through its advisory services, missions and expert advice, the IAEA helps national authorities to ensure that uranium, throughout its entire life cycle, is handled safely and securely. This edition of the IAEA Bulletin discusses the status of the industry and its possible future. It outlines the assistance provided by the Agency to countries in uranium mining, milling and mine remediation. 

Ensuring the safe, secure and sustainable supply of uranium

Ebb and flow: the economics of uranium mining

Five years on, Tanzania’s progress in uranium exploration

Uranium mining explained

Tried and tested: IAEA Milestones approach now applied to uranium production

IAEA unveils unique world uranium map

IAEA safeguards at uranium mines provide more complete picture of countries’ nuclear activities

Phases of uranium mining

Ensuring safe and secure passage for the nuclear industry’s vital natural resource

New Strategic Master Plan to coordinate remediation of uranium legacy sites in Central Asia

Uranium leaching: How yellowcake is made

The future of uranium as a sustainable source of energy

Meet Oklo, the Earth’s two-billion-year-old only known natural nuclear reactor

An insider’s look at uranium production: status, prospects and challenges

IAEA expands capacity building to combat childhood cancer

Online game application wins IAEA student competition

IAEA launches Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub

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